Poggio dei Consoli Petit Verdot

A little bit of history…

Petit Verdot is a black grape variety typical of the Mèdoc area, in France, where it is often used in the production of Bordeaux wines. However, as far as ripening is concerned it is a very demanding vineyard that often performs at its best away from its birthplace. Harvest happens between the end of September and mid-October because Petit Verdot is famous for ripening very late; it also needs warm, windy and very sunny weather with very little rain, like in Lazio.

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Protected Geographical Indication

Alcohol Content

13,5% vol.

Service Temperature

16° – 18°C


These Petit Verdot vineyards are planted in low hilly areas in volcanic soil and grow in a mild climate affected by the proximity to the sea. The grapes are hand-picked and fermented in steel tanks: techniques that give this wine its organoleptic characteristics, making it a product with an unmistakable elegance. Then the wine is left to stabilize for a few weeks before being bottled. The bottled wine is left to age for at least 5 months before being put on the market.

It is made exclusively from Petit Verdot grapes.

Organoleptic Analysis

This Petit Verdot wine presents a deep ruby red colour, a fruit-forward and floral scent with a characteristic spicy note, high but soft tannin, a lingering flavour and a prickly finish.

Food Pairing

This Petit Verdot pairs well with red meat, beef carpaccio, stew, wild game, cheese and artichokes.